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DIE DENKFABRIK GmbH: Unternehmen

Competitive Intelligence Research and Analysis Projects

Effective corporate decision making re­quires reli­able, high-qua­lity infor­mation. The chal­lenge that com­pa­nies face is how to ob­tain cru­cial infor­mation about their mar­kets and compe­titors and turn this into valu­able in­sights. Our seasoned compe­titive intel­ligence re­sear­chers are qua­li­fied and ex­pe­rien­ced in finding out this hard-to-get-infor­mation.
We have esta­blished an inter­national net­work to support our re­search acti­vities and speca­lize in effi­ciently and dis­creetely resear­ching online data­bases, social media, and human sources to obtain perti­nent infor­mation and data. We have the abi­lity to inter­pret rele­vant signals in order to gene­rate addi­tional in­sights about compe­titors' acti­vi­ties and their inten­tions.

By inter­pre­ting these signals and ana­ly­zing the infor­mation and data we can gene­rate meaning­ful in­sights for key ana­lyses such as:

  • Strategic and ope­ra­tio­nal compe­titive ana­lyses
  • Market ana­lyses (stra­te­gic posi­tio­ning and poten­tial ­ana­lysis)
  • Technology analysis
  • Opportunity/risk ana­lysis for mar­kets, techno­logies, and re­gions
  • Benchmarking projects
  • Sales support (battle cards, win-loss ana­lyses)
  • Feasibility ­ana­lyses (new pro­ducts, new mar­ket se­gments, and new regio­ns)

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