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DIE DENKFABRIK GmbH: Unternehmen

Company Facts

  • Founded in 1992, DIE DENK­FABRIK is one of the ol­dest com­pe­ti­ti­ve intel­ligence service pro­vi­ders in the world. Since our foun­da­tion we have been suc­cess­fully imple­menting compe­ti­tive and mar­ket intel­ligence pro­jects for our expan­ding base of inter­national clients.
  • Our core team is com­pri­sed of high­ly quali­fied and expe­ri­enced con­sul­tants as well as a team of free­lancers — all of whom focus ex­clu­si­vely on competi­tive and mar­ket­ intel­ligence issues. Our employ­ees have re­mained with our com­pany for many years, there­fore we of­fer our clients con­ti­nu­ity coupled with exten­sive ex­peri­ence and know-how.
  • We are able to gain leve­rage through a proven, global, exclu­sive network of co­opera­tion par­tners and re­sear­chers, adding fur­ther value to our clients' pro­jects.
  • We are a mem­ber of profes­sional indus­try asso­cia­tions such as SCIP, DGI, IAFIE and dcif e.V.
  • DIE DENKFABRIK GmbH is owner-managed and is in­de­pen­dent of any as­socia­tion, soft­ware ven­dor, or other entity.

Managing Director — Rainer Michaeli

  • Founder and Managing Director of “DIE DENK­FABRIK”, Rainer Michaeli is also the founder and Director of the Ins­ti­tute for Com­pe­titive Intel­ligence. He is the re­nowned “Nestor” (quote from DIE ZEIT newspaper) of comp­eti­tive intel­ligence in the German-speaking world.
  • Qualifications: Dipl.-Ing. MSc Aero­nau­tical Engi­neer­ing (Tech­nical Univer­sity Braun­schweig, Germany and the Uni­ver­sity of York, England) and MBA (INSEAD, France).
  • Pre­vious profes­sional positions in R&D, marketing, and sales.
  • Top 3 Finan­cial Times Ger­many Best­seller ­author. Nu­me­rous pu­bli­ca­tions in jour­nals and books.
  • Lecturer at several uni­ver­si­ties on “Compe­titive Intel­ligence” and “Dy­na­mic Compe­ti­tive Stra­te­gies”.
  • Volun­tary commit­ments for SCIP (Stra­te­gic Compe­titive Intel­ligence Professionals; e.g. board member from 2003 to 2005), the Deutsches Compe­titive Intel­ligence Forum e.V. (founder and board member since 2005), and the Journal of Intel­ligence Studies in Busi­ness (Chair­man).
  • SCIP Catalyst and Fel­low Award win­ner.
  • Inter­views in leading publi­ca­tions such as DIE ZEIT, Wirt­schafts­woche, Har­vard Busi­ness Mana­ger, Markt- und Mittel­stand etc.